This year's TEI Conference and Members' Meeting will include a plenary session with a follow-up debriefing during the Business meeting to discuss "the next thirty years" of the TEI.

Whither TEI: The Next Thirty Years

TEI Technical Council

The triennial "Antonio Zampolli Prize for a singular project or accomplishment" will be awarded  to the TEI Community at the 2017 meeting of the ADHO in Montreal. This is a wonderful 30th birthday present to the TEI, which was born at a conference at Vassar College in 1987. The award  recognizes the work of the many hands that made the TEI a central player in the digital remediation of cultural heritage objects that came to life in print or manuscript form. But complacency is the greatest enemy of institutional health, and the award, however well-deserved, should act as an incentive to think about the next thirty years and the ways in which the TEI can maintain and strengthen its role in an environment that has changed greatly since 1987 and will continue to change in rapid and unforeseen ways.

For this reason, "Whither TEI: The Next Thirty Years" will be the topic of a plenary session of this conference. The session will be led by members of the TEI Technical Council. Its purpose is to stimulate conversations among the community about intellectual, financial, and organizational aspects of the TEI-Consortium and about the best ways of strengthening the TEI in the decades to come.


Martin Mueller, the chair of the program committee who suggested this plenary, has written an essay to show his perspective on the next thirty years of the TEI. Read the essay here